Sholem has been a dynamic presence in Los Angeles for more than 60 years

Sholem fosters a humanistic approach to Jewish learning and culture, embracing diversity, and promoting social justice.

The Sholem Community is a secular and progressive Jewish educational, cultural, and social institution. Our Sunday school teaches Jewish history, culture, and ethics. We offer a secular bar/bat mitzvah program and observances of Jewish holidays.

What is a Secular Jew?

The Sholem Community stresses the historic, cultural, and ethical aspects of our tradition. We view our Jewish identity as one that is relevant to contemporary life and committed to justice, peace, and community responsibility. Read about our philosophy here.

Shvues Assembly (online) Thursday, May 29

The story of Shvues/Shavuot, taken from the Biblical book of Ruth, is one of the most important for Sholem families.

It is a story of human kindness and inclusion, bridging cultural boundaries with love, just like many of our own families. It is also the story of an immigrant joining and enriching a community.

You are invited to join us this Thursday from 7:00-7:30 (Pacific Standard Time), the first of night of Shvues/Shavuot, for songs, stories, some words of wisdom, and connection in these increasingly disconnected times.

To RSVP and receive a Zoom link, please send an email to