Contact Information

Mailing address:
The Sholem Community of Los Angeles
P.O. Box 4508, Culver City, CA 90231-4508

Meeting location:
Westside Neighborhood School Campus
5401 Beethoven Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Google Map)
NOTE: Enter at rear of building, off Coral Tree Place

DISCLAIMER: Events are not sponsored or endorsed by Westside Neighborhood School.

Phone: (310) 984-6935 or (818) 760-6625


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The Sholem Community has 501(c)(3) non profit status. Your tax exempt donation will benefit our Secular Jewish organization and school.

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Sign up for SholemMail

Keep in Touch

Sholem offers two ways to keep in touch:

SholemMail: the weekly email bulletin of the Sholem Community, to keep in the loop on school activities, community events, special projects—everything!

SholemList: a virtual community meeting (using Google Groups) where we discuss a wide range of subjects of interest to Sholem members as well as non-members. Subjects range from global matters regarding Jews and secular Jewishness, to mundane issues pertaining to our community like fundraising, rituals, and school matters. (The SholemList is unmoderated).