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Nazism in the US:

Learning from the Past

and Facing the Present

Sholem’s monthly Politics & Culture forum and open discussion

Sunday Nov. 19

10:30 am – 12:30 

White supremacist and Nazi rallies and activity in the U.S. continue to capture public attention and generate questions about the foundations of racism and anti-Semitism in the US. Dr. Beth Ribet will discuss Nazism in American institutions and history, its relationship to white supremacy, and what it means today. We will explore what opportunities we have to mobilize and respond.

Beth Ribet holds a doctorate in Social Relations from UC Irvine and a law degree from UCLA. Her dissertation was based on interviews with Jewish daughters of Holocaust survivors in the U.S., and she continues to write about the legal and political implications of trauma and systemic violence.  Dr. Ribet is the co-founder and co-director of Repair, a non-profit organization that provides training and education regarding the health and disabling consequences of violence, exploitation, and inequity.