Our not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization runs in part as a cooperative. Members are actively engaged in Sholem’s management and operations. We have an active board of directors and a committee structure made up of volunteers.

Our paid staff consists of a school principal and our school personnel. We are affiliated with the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations.

Sholem’s Leadership 2017-2018

Board of Directors

  • Laurence Braude, President
  • Brian Reiff, Treasurer
  • Anne Kaufman
  • Alan Blumenfeld
  • Hugo Furth
  • Hershl Hartman
  • Sheila McCoy
  • Hillary St. George
  • Jan Goodman


We function only as well as our committees. All committees are always in search of fresh ideas and energy. Volunteers are needed at all levels from idea generation through execution. Please get involved!


Adult Activities Plans activities for Sholem adults and members of the larger community. These include lectures, forums, and social gatherings.
Bar/Bas mitzvah Assists families going through the Sholem bar/bas mitzvah program
Fundraising Seeks sources of supplemental funding, by grant writing, staging fundraising events, selling merchandise, etc.
Holiday Organizes and plans Sholem’s secular celebrations of Jewish holidays.
Membership Prepares and maintains registration, tuition, dues materials, and the roster.
Outreach Responsible for publicity, advertising, press relations, email bulletins and the Sholem web site.
School Coordinates teacher recruitment, hiring, and evaluation; assists the school principal with administrative tasks; and helps with curriculum development.
Social Action Organizes activities to influence the wider community and educate ourselves about issues consistent with Sholem’s progressive, ethical values.
Website Maintains and enhances Sholem’s website, www.sholem.org.