Sholem Sisters

For the past several years, a small cohort of Sholem women have been getting together monthly for culture and company. Most months, a different Sister chooses an activity. It may be weekend or weekday, day or evening, Jewish and/or progressive and/or secular – or not. Among other events, we have seen the Moth Radio Hour in action; had holiday potlucks; visited the Broad, LACMA, and the Marciano (of blessed memory, alas); shared short stories we have written; gone to klezmer concerts and small theater productions, and more!

To join our band of bodacious babes, send a note to

Upcoming Events On Hold Until…?



Who is involved? Any Sholem woman is welcome to join. “Sholem woman” is defined as a woman who is affiliated with Sholem in any way, by her own definition. Historically about 7 or 8 women have attended each event, based on availability and interest, though it can be more or less. This is subject to change at any time.

Why Just Women? Research consistently shows that women benefit from single sex socialization. We love you men, but please respect our girls-only space.

But what about Sholem men? Feel free to initiate a men’s group or a co-ed havera. Sholem will be happy to promote your events on the website and in the bulletins.

Can men dress as women and join us? (Seriously, it’s been asked.) Trans women are welcome. On rare occasion we include a husband or son, but this is not usual practice, nor do we want it to be. Sorry boys! Complaints? See previous answer.

How much does it cost? Being a Sister costs only goodwill. For any specific event, each person is responsible for the price of her admission to the event in question. Often we go to a restaurant before or after. There is no financial aid or membership fee.

What if I can’t afford it? Wait until there’s an event you can afford, or volunteer to host something low-cost or free such as a beach walk, an open concert, or a potluck.

What if the date/time doesn’t work for me? Wait for an event that is more convenient to your schedule. The best way to ensure this your availability for an event is to host it. It’s impossible to make everyone happy every month. We encourage hosts not to tweak their plans because some people have conflicts.

Why haven’t I heard about this before? Because no-one has had the time and energy to put this in the bulletin and on the website until now.

How do I join? How do I keep up with upcoming events? And any other questions: Write to