Sholem relies heavily on the kindness of members. You may get involved in several ways. One is by joining a committee. Another is to take on discrete tasks.

Below is a list of standing committees followed by a list of tasks. If you can participate at any level, please email us at

Adult Activities Plans activities for Sholem adults and members of the larger community. These include lectures, forums, and social gatherings.
Bar/Basmitsve Assists families going through the Sholem bar/basmitsve program
Finance Develops fiscal policies and an annual budget; keeps the books; informs the community about Sholem’s financial condition.
Fundraising Seeks sources of supplemental funding, by grant writing, staging fundraising events, selling merchandise, etc.
Holiday Organizes and plans Sholem’s secular celebrations of Jewish holidays.
Holiday Observances Studies, writes, and re-writes Sholem’s secular celebrations of Jewish holidays.
Khevre/Fellowship Assists community members in times of need.
Membership Prepares and maintains registration, tuition, dues materials, and the roster.
Outreach Responsible for publicity, advertising, press relations, email bulletins and the Sholem web site.
School Coordinates teacher recruitment, hiring, and evaluation; assists the school principal with administrative tasks; and helps with curriculum development.
Social Action Organizes activities to influence the wider community and educate ourselves about issues consistent with Sholem’s progressive, ethical values.


Short Term

  • Plan and attend annual staff retreat with school director and school committee
  • Assist in producing annual fundraiser
  • Publicize and plan fundraising events
  • Organize greetings, events and activities for new and returning school families
  • Help plan and run the annual community model seder
  • Help plan and run the holiday sale


  • Craft and email press releases
  • Coordinate parents to post information about Sholem programs on parenting listservs
  • Create a learning module for staff training and speak at staff meetings
  • Organize and lead orientations to Sholem
  • Arrange Shabes dinners
  • Work on and lead a musical interactive Shabes event
  • Call and greet new families

Thank you for supporting Sholem!