Sholem has been a dynamic presence in Los Angeles for more than 60 years

Sholem fosters a humanistic approach to Jewish learning and culture, embracing diversity, and promoting social justice.

The Sholem Community is a secular and progressive Jewish educational, cultural, and social institution. Our Sunday school teaches Jewish history, culture, and ethics. We offer a secular bar/bat mitzvah program and observances of Jewish holidays.

What is a Secular Jew?

The Sholem Community stresses the historic, cultural, and ethical aspects of our tradition. We view our Jewish identity as one that is relevant to contemporary life and committed to justice, peace, and community responsibility. Read about our philosophy here.

Purim at Sholem

Esther Tells a Foreign Story — And We All Get Drunk

Why and how Purim became such a Big Deal

March 17
10:30 am

Purim, surrounding the reading of the megillah — which, as we all know, details the story of a secretly Jewish queen in the Persian court — is the most raucous holiday in the Jewish calendar. It’s also one of the weirdest.  Sholem Education Director Hershl Hartman sets the stage for Purim with a secular look at the possibly pagan roots of the holiday and possibly of Esther herself.

The Hebrew Bible — abbreviated to תנ”ך (“Tanakh”) in Hebrew — is so central to Jewish history and culture that it exerts an influence even on the most secular Jews. But who wrote it and why?  Join Sholem Education Director Hershl Hartman for a fascinating series of discussions on the history of the various texts, their context among other works of literature of the ancient Near East, and yes, even an up-close look at the “naughty parts.”

Megillah Reading, Carnival and Brunch

Come shake your grogger and join us for a carnival, games, hamentashen, a reading of the megillah and potluck BRUNCH!

Sunday, March 24
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

on the campus of
The Westside Neighborhood School
5401 Beethoven Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066