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December Dilemma

Hanukkah Assembly

1st Annual Hanukkah Picnic

Sunday December 10 10:15 a.m.

We’re kicking off a jam-packed day with Sholem’s annual discussion of how intercultural families celebrate the winter holidays, hosted by Alan Blumenthal and Katherine James. Whether your family lights up a menorah, decorates a Christmas tree or enjoys a Festivus pole (or all 3 or none or something else), this important discussion strikes at the core of Sholem’s identity and philosophy.

Next on the Liberal Jewish Agenda, the Hanukkah Assembly, complete with our very own klezmer band, as well as a meaningful and moving secular menorah lighting by our inspiring post-bar/bas mitzvah students.

Finally, a new tradition: The Sholem Hanukkah picnic!  Please bring a picnic lunch for you and yours, and something yummy to share (if you’re feeling generous).  We’ll be on Winter Break until January 7, so take advantage of a little extra time to schmooze and connect.