Sunday, January 24
Two events, One day
Mindful Awareness 
with Marilyn McLaughlin
Zoom opens to settle in 10:15 AM
Program 10:30-11:30 AM
Marilyn McLaughlin, a long-time Sholemite, past Co-chair, and parent of Sholem graduates, will guide us in a mindful awareness session. We will explore different approaches to support recuperation, resilience and even inspiration during stressful times. It’s never too early or too late to develop these skills which can empower us internally to go back out into the world and make it a better place.

Marilyn McLaughlin, MFA, CLMA, RSMT is a Unified Mindfulness L2 coach who trained directly with master Shinzen Young since 1997 Marilyn is a whole person integrative wellness educator with a special passion for working with people at mid life and beyond. She is the creator of All Bodies Dance, Drumming Into Stillness, Rhythmic Play for Memory and Mobility, and more. For additional info, visit

MLK Jr. & Tu B’Shvat Assembly
Zoom open for visiting 11:45 AM
Program 12 noon
All are welcome for this community assembly.
Same link for both events.
[graphic from article by Nylah Burton]

The most significant concepts, movements and events in modern Jewish history arose from the radical idea that Jews are not basically a faith community but, variously, a nation, a national minority or an ethnic group. Radical paths to the fulfillment of that idea still resonate to this day. We’ll trace those paths and, perhaps, stumble across ourselves.

The Jewish American experience: How world events led to the first Jewish settlement on these shores — and its radical heritage. The American revolution and history’s very first voluntary Jewish exile. A radical anti-slavery rabbi is driven out of Baltimore by Jewish big shots. Reasons for the huge immigration wave: social or economic or both? Yiddish-speaking immigrants bring radicalism along with their Jewishness.

This AP dispatch can provide background for the first part of our discussion on Jan. 31:

Pandemic meets 500th anniversary of Magellan’s first global voyage – Los Angeles Times 

(Note to all participants: If you haven’t yet done so, you’re urged to learn about radical Jewish poets in the struggle for Black rights in the lecture by Prof. Amelia Glaser on “Songs in Dark Times: Yiddish Poetry From Scottsboro to Palestine.”

Hershl Hartman, Sholem’s Education Director, is a scholar of Jewish history, traditions and culture, and a renowned Yiddish translator. He is the Convenor of the L.A. Secular Yeshiva which has, to-date, trained 10 vegvayzer/madrikhot(im)/leaders as officiants at holiday observances and life-cycle events. His publications include many booklets on Jewish holidays and texts for their secular observance.

This free online series is co-sponsored by the SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workers Circle.

Discussion Series with Hershl Hartman
Sunday, Jan 31 @ 2pm-3:30pm (PT)
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