The Sholem Hagada offers a secular approach to Passover

Written by Hershl Hartman and illustrated by artist Kevin Bostwick, the Sholem Hagada includes all the best-loved sections and songs of the past, with Yiddish and Hebrew texts, both transliterated and in singable translations. The Hagada acknowledges the mythical nature of the Exodus saga, while retaining the inspirational values that have imbued generations with a commitment to social justice and peace. The language of the Sholem Family Hagada is accessible to older children, while avoiding a childish tone that might repel or bore adults.

Spiral-bound to stay flat on the seder table and profusely illustrated in color and black-and-white, the Hagada is printed on (almost) wine-stain proof paper…

$10.00 for single copies (includes sales tax and FREE SHIPPING) $8.00/ea for orders of 10 or more (includes sales tax and FREE SHIPPING)

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